Memo. to the District Inspector [PMG's Department] from the Postmaster, Ralph Clemenger, dated 28 November 1917.

After such a lapse of time it is difficult to enumerate all the causes of the increase referred to. [A query over the large increase in postal traffic in 1916/17.]
I have however a distinct recollection of three or four contributory factors.
1. Quite a number of young men from this and surrounding districts became members of the A.I.F., abroad, during 1916-17, and this fact caused a material increase in the mail matter, both posted and received, at this office.
2. A new business establishment - the Gundaroo Supply Coy. Ltd. - commenced operations here and in making a bid for patronage wrote and circularised propective customers extensively and regularly. Other local business trades-people were forced to adopt similar methods, this office benefiting thereby.
3. During 1916-17 an unusually large number of Picture shows and travelling troupes visited this township, and my counts were affected by the posting of their advance notices. Some of the Picture shows post 500 notices at a time.
4. In Nov. 1916 several Sydney firms, who had not previously done so, sent out cards, letters, circulars and catalogues.

W R Clemenger